From next week, from March 28-29, the cold weather will return to Ukraine and even snow is expected. 

This was reported by forecaster Natalka Didenko.

"From next week, approximately from March 28-29, a cold air mass will enter Ukraine. Starting from the

western regions,

the air temperature will begin to drop significantly and even snow is expected," she wrote. 

However, this week, the maximum air temperature is expected to be 

+12+18 degrees,

in places up to +20 degrees in the west.

"On March 23, there will be some significant precipitation - it is unlikely that somewhere denser cloudiness will come, dry weather with changeable cloudiness will prevail everywhere. The wind tomorrow will be southwest, light or moderate. In Kyiv, on the World Day of Meteorology, forecasters will already try to blow for themselves a warm weather -

+15+17 degrees is expected tomorrow. No significant precipitation.

Wind from the southwest," she informed. 

On the weekend, according to Didenko, "a warm air mass with periodic rains" will prevail in Ukraine.

As a reminder, according to the Ukrhydrometeorological center, 

 no precipitation is forecast for March 23 in

Ukraine .

It will be foggy in places.

It will be warm in the regions.

In the Kyiv region on March 23, it will be cloudy with clearings, and also without precipitation. 

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