The stray cat "ㄋㄞㄋㄞ" was shot through the back of the neck by an arrow, and my mother rushed it to the veterinarian for treatment.

(Provided by Love Mom "Daijin")

[Reporter Li Rongping/Taoyuan Report] Someone abused a cat in Hebin Park, Daxi District, Taoyuan City!

A Meeks stray cat that was regularly fed by the loving mother "Dai Jin" was shot through the back of the neck by a bow and arrow. All the way "meow meow" crying for help, and some blood remained from the wound.

My mother took it to the veterinarian for treatment urgently. The Daxi police station actively checked for witnesses, checked the surveillance cameras, and searched for the suspect who abused the cat.

The Daxi police said that the loving mother "Da Jin" has been caring for and feeding the stray cats for a long time. On the 18th, when she was feeding the stray cats near her home near Daxi Riverside Park, she found that the back of the neck of the stray Meeks "ㄋㄞㄋㄞ" was bruised. The arrow shot through, and she limped towards her, and she was rushed to the veterinarian for treatment.

The police accepted the report, hoping to find the murderer who hurt the stray cat as soon as possible.

The police appealed that it is not easy for waves to live outside, and hope that human beings will show more love, and don't hurt them if they don't like them.

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The police relayed that the loving mother "Da Jin" mentioned that the stray cat "ㄋㄞㄋㄞ" has a good personality, loves to act like a baby, and is very smart. When she went to the yard, she was limping and crying for help. At first she thought the cat had something on its back, but after a closer look, she realized it was a bow and arrow.

"A good cat was shot like this. I really don't know how powerful bows and arrows are." My mother "Dai Jin" was glad that the bow and arrow did not hit the internal organs of "ㄋㄞㄋㄞ", nor pierced the aorta. According to the veterinarian After the emergency treatment, his body has gradually stabilized. He is currently placed in the residence of his mother. He can eat, drink and move around slowly. She will also help "ㄋㄞㄋㄞ" find a suitable adopter after it recovers.

In this regard, Taoyuan City Animal Protection Director Wang Deji said that he has invited colleagues to go to Daxi Riverside Park to learn more about the situation, and will also contact the police and veterinary hospital to obtain relevant information, adjust the monitor screen to find suspicious persons, and increase the notice board Promote the public not to harm stray animals.

The Animal Protection Office also appeals that, according to the "Animal Protection Law", anyone shall not harass, abuse or injure animals, butcher, intentionally injure or cause animals to be harmed, resulting in severe mutilation of animal limbs or loss of vital organ functions. The following fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention, and a fine of not less than 200,000 yuan but not more than 2 million yuan.

The stray cat "ㄋㄞㄋㄞ" was shot through the back of the neck by an arrow.

(Provided by Love Mom "Daijin")