Last year, Changhua County opened a vacancy for the selection of elementary school teachers and continued this year.

(Provided by Changhua County Government)

[Reporter Zhang Congqiu/Changhua Report] Changhua County currently has a ratio of 13% of acting teachers. The county government is moving towards the goal of stable teachers. This year, there are 95 vacancies for the selection of elementary school teachers. In view of the fact that in previous years, the acting teachers in the county could not wait for those in the county. Teachers' examinations, drifting to other counties and cities for examinations, this year's teacher selection system, the first payment of service years and bonus points, to encourage excellent acting teachers to stay.

The Education Department said that the county government hopes to reduce the ratio of acting teachers from the current 13% year by year, with a target value of 8%. In response to the downward trend, elementary schools should have vacancies in recent years. As for junior high schools, there are still 50 junior high school teachers in the county that have oversubscribed teachers. To ensure the right to work of teachers, priority should be given to schools with excess teachers, and no vacancies will be opened in middle schools this year.

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Changhua County selected elementary school teachers last year, and this year continues to open vacancies. The reason is related to the fact that acting teachers receive full-year salaries compared to regular teachers. , this year, teachers in Changhua County selected the first service seniority bonus mechanism to encourage excellent acting teachers to stay, and at the same time solve the problem of ten thousand years acting teachers.

For the first time included in the bonus system for acting teachers

The Department of Education said that the 95 vacancies include 60 elementary school ordinary class teachers, 20 elementary school English teachers, 10 elementary school special education teachers for physical and mental disabilities, and 5 elementary school full-time tutors. Teacher bonus points mechanism, as long as the last 3 years (i.e. 108 to 110 school year) has served as a long-term agent teacher in the elementary school affiliated to Changhua County (the same school has served for more than 9 months in a single school year) and the service performance is excellent, the service After 1 academic year, the original score of the re-examination teaching demonstration will be added 1 point, up to 3 points.

Taiwan will enter bilingual education. In order to let English education take root, 20 English teachers will be selected for the formal teacher selection category this year. Service to schools in remote areas is given priority.

The selection brochure will be announced on the "Changhua County Government Education New Cloud" website ( and "Changhua County Selection and Recruitment World" (https:// ) website.

Changhua County selected elementary school teachers last year, and this year there are 95 places. The selection and admission of English-speaking teachers will be based on the principle of specialization, and ordinary class teachers will be distributed to schools in remote areas as a priority.

(Provided by Changhua County Government)