A 30-year-old Phetchaburi man used to train rangers.

frantic grabbing a gun and indiscriminately shooting in the village

Shoot food delivery rider with overturned pedestrians

Both are expected to die and shoot the Prime Minister of the Subdistrict Administrative Organization to quell the injury.

Leaders of 60 police forces surround and arrest, still haven't figured it out. 

At 2:00 p.m. on March 22, 2023, the culprit was a man using a short-barreled weapon of unknown size.

Shot at Krung Phet Villa Village, Village No. 3, Ton Mamuang Subdistrict, Mueang Phetchaburi District

There were two wounded people who were shot lying on the road in front of the house where the incident took place.

came through to suspend the cause

shot wounded

Delivered to Bangkok-Phetchaburi Hospital

He was shot under the left mastoid area.

Preliminary symptoms are safe.

Later, Maj. Gen. Piti Naruekatpichai, Phetchaburi Provincial Police Commander

led more than 60 police officers to surround the scene

There was the sound of gunshots from time to time, while police officers rushed to help two wounded people lying on the road.

preliminary investigation

know that the perpetrator is male

In the past, he used to train rangers.

Previously, he was arrested for drug charges.

Today is the day to go to court.

Expected to be stressed, he used a firearm to shoot at the general public. Recently, the shot was found sleeping on the street.

Be a food delivery rider

One person is presumed to have died and another person was shot and is presumed dead as well.

Currently, the officers are planning to arrest the villain, known as Mr. Anuwat Waenthong, 30 years old.