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District Prosecutor's Office - Targovishte is conducting pre-trial proceedings in connection with a serious road accident in which three people died and two others were injured.

The accident occurred around 20:00 on March 21, 2023 on the road between the village of Kovachevets and the town of Popovo.

The reasons for the serious accident are being clarified.

According to the initial information, when the lorry exited the roadside junction, it collided with the passenger car moving in the same direction.

Three people died on the spot - two women aged 24 and 70 and a man aged 45. A 21-year-old woman was seriously injured and was hospitalized with real life-threatening conditions.

The driver of the passenger car (25 years old) received fractures to both arms.

The driver of the truck (66 years old) and his passenger (57 years old) were also slightly injured.

The tests for the use of alcohol and drugs on the two drivers were negative.

The younger man is a disqualified driver and the lorry driver is a professional driver.

An accident between three cars on the capital's Okolovrsno ring road makes traffic difficult

An inspection of the scene of the accident was carried out, material evidence was seized, forensic medical and auto-technical examinations were appointed, witnesses of the accident were interviewed.

Work on clarifying the reasons and circumstances that led to the fatal accident continues under the guidance and supervision of the District - Prosecutor's Office - Targovishte.