As of March 17 of this year, compared to March 17 of last year, we have record results - BGN 752 million more in the total revenue part.

People should be calm - the money for pensions and health care and everything is provided.

This was said by the director of the National Revenue Agency, Boris Mihailov, at a briefing in the Council of Ministers after today's meeting of the interim government, a reporter reported.

This is due to the huge collection we do.

Of course, inflation also plays a role.

At the same time, let's not forget that we also have a big population problem, we have a demographic collapse.

Things must be considered comprehensively, Mihailov said.

Against the background of the record revenues of the "Customs" Agency for last year – BGN 13.4 billion, the overperformance for the first quarter of 2023 compared to last year is BGN 500 million.

This is an exceptional implementation of the budget and shows that the state administration is working, said the director of the Customs Agency, Pavel Gerenski.

In response to a question, the head of the NRA specified that checks are being made on Bulgarian citizens with properties in Dubai.

There are also several revisions.

23 Bulgarians are being checked, 21 checks have been completed.

We have collected more than BGN 130,000 from these inspections, but there are still many more inspections to come for Bulgarians who have properties in Dubai, announced Boris Mihailov.

The head of the NRA boasted of record revenues and revealed whether he has an umbrella over "Lukoil"

He clarified that the inspections began after an exchange of information, saying that not only Dubai, but more than 100 countries participated in the exchange.

When the information arrives, we start checks.

We did the same last year with properties in Greece, noted Mihailov.

When asked if there were any famous persons among those examined, the director of the National Revenue Agency indicated that there was no such information yet.

We will check absolutely all of them.

We will first check if there is any discrepancy with the declared income.

If there is a discrepancy, we will also release revisions.

There will be no umbrella over anyone, stressed Boris Mihailov.

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