The police will strengthen the crackdown on illegal jaywalkers to prevent unfortunate accidents from happening.

(Photographed by reporter Liu Qinghou)

[Reporter Liu Qinghou/Taipei Report] Recently, there have been a series of accidents in Taipei City where elderly people illegally crossed the road and were hit and killed by vehicles. Pedestrians should not violate traffic safety, so as not to cause misfortune.

According to the police, a 91-year-old man surnamed Li crossed the Bailing Bridge in Beishi at around 5:40 a.m. on the 14th. As a result, the man surnamed Liu dodged and knocked Li Weng down on the spot. He was sent to the hospital. First aid failed.

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In addition, an 88-year-old old man surnamed Chen passed the intersection in front of Section 4 of Roosevelt Road at around 10:00 pm on March 19, suspected of not following the instructions for pedestrians, but was hit by a straight locomotive and died.

Since the incident occurred close to the business district of Gongguan, many people often violated the regulations in order to hurry up and seek convenience. The Zhongzheng No. 2 Sub-bureau under its jurisdiction immediately set up an accident investigation team to prevent pedestrians from crossing the intersection illegally and whether there were more pedestrian protections at the accident site. measures to strengthen the discussion.

The police said that according to the Road Traffic Management Punishment Regulations: Pedestrians who run red lights, do not take crosswalks, or cross lanes without authorization can be fined 500 yuan.