The tomb inspectors of the Beishi Funeral Office launched a search in two cemeteries, including Yangmingshan No. 1 Cemetery, for those who were involved in making tombs for profit.

The picture shows the fire department holding a disaster prevention drill at the Yangmingshan No. 1 Cemetery, which has nothing to do with the news event.

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[Reporter Qian Lizhong/Taipei Report] After Ke Wenzhe resigned as mayor of Taipei, the former city government funeral management office had a series of scandals, from Wang Wenxiu, the deputy director at the time, suspected of extorting bribes, down to the grassroots funeral workers who repeatedly broke the red envelopes and small profits, Relevant cases are still under investigation and trial. Unexpectedly, the ICAC received a report that some cemetery patrol officers were suspected of covering up the operators and their families, and covering the illegal excavation and burial without application. Road searched and interviewed 3 people, including a tomb inspector surnamed Chen. Only one person named Chen was a civil servant.

The ICAC was informed that from 2018 to 2022, the tomb inspector surnamed Chen was suspected of profiting from two tomb builders, covering at least 5 illegal excavations and burials, but did not report. The cemetery where the incident occurred is located in the first The cemetery and Xinyi District Cemetery in Beishi have tens of thousands of tombs that have not been relocated. Among them, corruption and illegal activities have huge benefits, and we are clarifying whether there are any disadvantages such as group acceptance of red envelopes.

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There are 55 cemeteries managed by the Beishi Funeral Office, excluding the cemeteries that have been relocated or only partially relocated, the cemeteries that have not been relocated include Guangbu Beitou Yangmingshan National Park, Wenshan, Nangang, Shilin, Neihu, In Xinyi, Zhongshan and other areas, a total of more than 20 cemeteries and more than 40,000 tombs have not yet been relocated; among them, there have been cases of falsely repairing the tombs in the name of repairing the tombs, covering the disadvantages of illegal bone picking and burial in Yangmingshan No. 1 Cemetery, with 10,000 tombs waiting to be relocated More than 7500 seats.

Funeral and interment management regulations stipulate that excavation and reburial are not allowed without an excavation permit. Violators may be fined 30,000 to 150,000 yuan; It is to inspect whether the tombs within the jurisdiction have been illegally excavated or repaired by bone pickers, and administrative penalties will be imposed according to the circumstances after the inspection.

There were similar abuses at the Beishi Funeral Office. In 2015 and 2016, when a patrolman from Yangmingshan No. 1 Cemetery dealt with illegal excavations in the cemetery, the bone picker, commonly known as the "earth doll", was not punished; In November, the Taipei District Court sentenced the mountain patroller to one year and two months in prison, and the tomb management technician to one year and April in prison for the crime of falsely publishing public servants and the crime of seeking profit from the competent affairs.