People's Artist of Ukraine

Nazar Zadniprovskyi

recalled his conversation with his colleague, actress

Halyna Bezruk

, with whom he played in the TV series "House of Happiness".

In the "Slava+" program, Zadniprovskyi commented on the decision of the Ukrainian artist Bezruk to stay in the terrorist state during the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine.

The actor shared that he had a conversation with a colleague even before the start of the war.

Galina continued to go to work in Russia, and at the same time there was a lot of criticism in her direction.

"I told her this even before the war, before the active phase: "Galy, well, tie it up, well.

Take your Muscovite husband, child.

Well, you'll live here." Back then, the "Tyorki" started because of her position. She told me: "Nazara, it's a job." She is a music hall actress. And there is a music hall in Moscow, but there is none in Ukraine. 'music hall, there is nothing for her. And she is not a dramatic actress, she is a singing actress. She says: "Well, the main reason is my work.

I just know that I will come to Kyiv and be unemployed." And there she is playing the main roles in the Music Hall theater," commented Zadniprovskyi.

Kostyantyn Voytenko, Nazar Zadniprovskyi, Halyna Bezruk and Vitalina Bibliv in the series "House for Happiness" / Photo:

At the same time, the actor expressed his opinion about whether there are "good Russians".

According to Zadniprovskyi, he would not even mind issuing Ukrainian passports to some of them:

"I think that, like Nevzorov, Ukrainian citizenship should be given to very good, very correct Russians. Feigin, Akhedzhakova... And their units. You understand, out of 140 million, 5-10 good people. So, I think, we don't have 10 passports we will regret and may they be well in Ukraine," said the artist.

Liya Akhedzhakova / Photo: TSN

It will be recalled that earlier the star of the Soviet cinema of Latvian origin Ivar Kalnynsh, who spoke against the war in Ukraine,

responded to the criticism of the Russians

because of his anti-war position.

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