199 kilometers south of National Highway No. 3, a small truck that broke down was chased by a small white truck from behind, and then chased a towed truck in front. Three people were injured.

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[Reporter Chen Fengli/Report from Nantou] On the 219-kilometer section of Zhongxing Road in the southbound direction of National Highway No. 3, three vehicles collided with each other this afternoon. The faulty blue pickup truck was parked in the outer lane, and the tow truck was preparing to tow it. A white pickup truck First hit the small truck, then chased forward and hit the towed crane. The white small truck overturned, and the goods were scattered on the driveway.

The serial collision accident occurred 219 kilometers south of National Highway No. 3. When a tow truck was about to perform the towing operation of the faulty small truck in the outer lane, a white pickup truck fully loaded was driving in the outer lane but did not Pay attention to the road conditions ahead, and directly chase the blue pickup truck, and then the blue pickup truck hits the tow truck of the rescue towing forward. Two people and one person were injured in the pickup truck, but fortunately they were not seriously injured.

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The No. 7 National Highway Team stated that after the car accident, the team rushed to deal with it. At the same time, it also dispatched the National Highway Police Station and the Gaogong Bureau to slow down the crash and go to the rear of the accident scene to guard and divert traffic.

The damaged vehicles and goods once occupied the middle and foreign lanes, the outer lanes and the outer shoulders, resulting in a traffic jam of up to 2 kilometers. Finally, it was completely cleared at nearly 2 pm and reopened to traffic.

The 3 injured were sent to Nantou Hospital and Youmin Hospital respectively. They all suffered leg injuries and were not in serious condition.

The National Highway No. 7 team also said, please use passers-by to observe the speed limit and keep a safe distance when driving, so that you can stop smoothly; if you do not pay attention to the state of the car and cause serious injury or death, you will be suspended or revoked. drving license.

The driver of the blue van was injured sitting on the shoulder of the road.

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The body of the faulty pickup truck that was hit by it was also seriously deformed.

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The white van overturned after chasing and colliding with the faulty vehicle, and the front of the vehicle was seriously damaged.

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The contents of the overturned white pickup truck were scattered all over the place.

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