The picture shows a girl who was physically punished by her stepfather and half-squat while holding a book, which makes people feel sad.

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[Reporter Yang Mianjie/Taipei Report] The Ministry of Justice intends to amend the law to stipulate that parents "shall not engage in physical and mental violence against their children." Parent groups said today that the Ministry of Justice should clarify the relevant definitions of punishment or reasonable discipline, and be open to caring and educating parents to participate in the revision of the law. Otherwise, it may cause parents to worry about losing their right to education, which in turn will affect their willingness to have children.

The Ministry of Justice recently announced the "Draft Amendment to Article 1085 of the Civil Code". When protecting and raising minor children, parents should consider their age and developmental level, respect their personality, and refrain from physical and mental violence against their children, in line with the Convention on the Rights of the Child. gist.

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The Ministry of Justice stated that in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the state should take appropriate legislative, administrative, social and educational measures to protect children from any form of physical and mental violence when they are under the care of their parents and legal guardians. The right to corporal punishment and other cruel and inhuman punishment.

Wang Hanyang, Head of Parents of the National Education Action Alliance questioned, what is a reasonable and disciplined discipline, rather than physical and mental violence?

need to be clearly defined.

At present, the "Domestic Violence Prevention Law", "Children and Adolescent Welfare and Rights Protection Law", etc., all have regulations on domestic violence. Why do we need to amend the civil law?

Moreover, if parents commit violent acts, it should be a small number of parents, but the civil law stipulates that all parents are targeted. If there is no clear explanation, it will make people feel that the power of punishment is limited, and then worry about whether they will have children in the future?

Or how to discipline the problem?

Wang Hanyang also believes that punishment is not equal to violence. Does the Ministry of Justice refer to the teacher's guidance and discipline precautions, specifically list the forms of inappropriate discipline and the means of reasonable discipline, and encourage parents to learn positive discipline is the key point.

Wang Hanyang also suggested that the Ministry of Justice should actively invite parents who care about education to participate in the law revision and public hearings, and clearly define reasonable discipline and improper discipline, so as to avoid causing parents to misunderstand and worry about losing their educational rights.