All in all, soon the military will receive 25 such complexes in order to monitor the movement of the enemy along the entire front line and effectively adjust the fire of Ukrainian artillery.

"We are grateful to our customers who joined the initiative and together with us help to strengthen the army every day," commented Vasyl Danylyak, CEO of OKKO.

- We do not plan to stop.

And while the accumulation of funds continues for 3 more out of 25 complexes, and the others are in the works, we are already working on a new project together with "Return Alive" in order to continue systematically strengthening the Armed Forces.

"Our joint project with OKKO is an example of a timely, important and truly large-scale interaction between a charity movement and a socially responsible business," says Oleg Karpenko, director of the "Return Alive" Department of Development and Partnerships.

— And his greatest strength is that he united millions of Ukrainians for help — from Donetsk region to Lviv region, from Odessa to Chernivtsi.

Today, the first SHARK complex was handed over to the soldiers of the Armed Forces, and soon they will adjust the artillery, help beat the invaders and bring the victory of Ukraine closer."

We will remind you that the joint project of OKKO and "Come Back Alive" started in November of last year.

The goal is the purchase of 25 SHARK unmanned reconnaissance complexes with a total cost of UAH 325 million.

Ukrainians support the initiative by refueling with Pulls fuel at the OKKO gas station, because for every liter sold, the company transfers 1 hryvnia to SHARKy, or directly, by transferring the funds to the special account of the Come Back Alive fund.

One complex includes a walk-through car equipped with a control point, a launcher and two unmanned aerial vehicles.

In addition, as part of the initiative, 25 more reserve UAVs will be purchased for the Armed Forces, so that it is possible to replace the devices lost or damaged during the execution of missions.

At the same time, crews are being trained to manage intelligence complexes.