It is rumored that the sixth constituency of Zhongshi City has been coordinated by the Congress to run for Jiang Zhaoguo.

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[Reporter Su Jinfeng/Taichung Report] The Democratic Progressive Party opened the registration for the nomination primary election of legislators from the 20th to the 24th. Today (22nd) is the third day of registration. A total of 3 people have completed the registration a few days ago. Originally, they were going to register for the election today. City Councilor Huang Shouda of the Sixth Constituency (Central West Southeast Constituency) said that another itinerary will be registered in the next few days. It was originally reported that there are city councilor Jiang Zhaoguo and former traffic director Wang Yichuan in the National Assembly. It is understood that Jiang Zhaoguo will come out to run for the election , if confirmed, Huang Shouda and Jiang Zhaoguo will meet again in the primary election.

DPP central city legislators registered to run for the election. No one registered today. After 3 days, 3 people registered. They are the second constituency (Shalu District, Wuri District, Dadu District, Longjing District, Wufeng District) Lin Jingyi and the fourth constituency (Xitun District, Nantun District) Zhang Liao Wanjian and the fifth constituency (North District, Beitun District) Zhuang Jingcheng.

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City councilor Huang Shouda, who was supported by non-party legislator Huang Guoshu, was supposed to register at the city party headquarters today, but due to other schedules, Huang Shouda will wait to register in the next two days depending on the situation.

In addition, it was originally reported that Jiang Zhaoguo, a city councilor in the National Assembly, and Wang Yichuan, a former director of transportation, will run for the election. The two will coordinate their candidacy on their own. It is understood that Jiang Zhaoguo will come out to run for the election.