Serious criticism of Bulgaria in the annual report of the State Department of the United States.

Illegal arrests, problems with minorities and media freedom - these are some of the problematic cores for Bulgaria, according to Washington.

Journalist Silvia Velikova and lawyer Alexander Kashamov commented on the topic in the studio of "Your Day" on NOVA NEWS.

"For years, the prosecutor's office has been passive or active according to the cases, the police find themselves with their hands tied.

Investigative journalists and free media are the most serious blade of Bulgarian citizens," said the lawyer.

He also discussed the case with journalist Slavi Angelov.

The US report on Bulgaria - objective assessment or intervention?

Velikova pointed out that we have a prosecutor's office that "hurries up and slows down when it decides".

She also commented on the subject of AM "Hemus" and emphasized that the investigation in the court has not been completed until now, "there is nothing".

The journalist specified that the double standard is noticeable.

Velikova also commented on the illegal arrests.

According to Kashamov, the figure of the chief prosecutor should be reformed.

He said that there should be prevention of corruption with a clear policy in the state administration.

According to Velikova, the first conversation that will open in the new National Assembly is about changes in the Constitution