9026 route off-duty and other problems were fined more than 2 million yuan and could not be resolved. The Taipei City Supervision Office of the company asked other operators to provide vehicles for assistance this week.

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[Reporter Zheng Weiqi/Taipei Report] On National Highway 9026 Keelung-Nangang route, Fuhe Bus often misses the scheduled schedule due to lack of manpower, causing dissatisfaction among many commuters.

Changjiang Shuren of the Taipei City Supervision Office of the Highway Administration of the Ministry of Communications said that although 26 fines have been issued to Fuhe Bus and asked to improve within a time limit, the public's rights to travel cannot wait. Four bus companies have been recruited since the day before yesterday Operators and tour bus companies invested in the 9026 route to assist in the operation. The situation was not bad yesterday, and the people waiting for the bus were allowed to board the bus at 6:50 p.m. during the peak hour.

After Fuhe Passenger Transport took over the 9026 route on January 20 this year, it has successively changed stations, waited too long during peak hours, and failed to depart according to the schedule. Learn about the actual operation of the 9026 route on the spot.

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Jiang Shuren said that the main reason for Fuhe Passenger Transport is that the driving manpower keeps leaving the job, which leads to the inability to leave the bus. In order to urge the operators to improve, the Beishi Office sends people to check the operation status at different stations in Keelung and Nangang every day. In any case, a fine of 9,000 to 90,000 yuan will be issued in accordance with the "Highway Law". So far, 26 fines have been issued, and the current fines are all issued with a maximum of 90,000 yuan.

According to statistics, the cumulative amount of fines for 26 fines has exceeded 2 million.

In addition, the Beishi Institute has previously requested Fuhe Passenger Transport to complete the improvement before March 24. If it still cannot be improved by then, it will be given a 2-month improvement period for the second stage in accordance with Article 47 of the Highway Law. If it cannot be improved, it will be terminated. Some of its vehicles are in operation, and a one-year improvement period will be given to the third stage. If it still cannot be improved by then, its route operating permit will be revoked.

Although Fuhe Passenger Transport is required to improve within a time limit, the rights and interests of the public cannot wait forever. The Beishi Institute has successively invited other passenger transport operators to provide vehicles to assist in the operation since the day before yesterday. At present, Capital Passenger Transport and Metropolitan Passenger Transport have invested 1 vehicle each, and Tai Le Passenger Transport has invested 6 vehicles. Guoguang Passenger Transport is expected to put in two vehicles starting this Thursday, and some tour bus operators are willing to assist in the installation of credit card machines one after another, and then they will be put into operation on the 9026 route.

At present, the preliminary plan is to provide support for 3 months. The follow-up will depend on the recovery of Fukuoka and passenger flights. If there is recovery, the support operators will gradually withdraw. If the situation deteriorates due to the continued resignation of the driver, additional support vehicles can be added.

Jiang Shuren said that other operators support the 9026 route, and all Beijing City will provide subsidies first, but because this route is Fuhe Passenger Transport, it should be managed by itself. Now that the public power intervenes, related extension costs will be paid by Fuhe Passenger Transport later.