Mayor Chen Qimai, legislator Qiu Yiying, and Hakka committee chairman Yang Ruixia once discussed with teachers the gap in Hakka teachers and Hakka teaching issues.

(Picture provided by the Hakka Committee)

[Reporter Wang Rongxiang/Kaohsiung Report] The newly revised key points for teacher recruitment in Kaohsiung municipal primary and secondary schools came into effect on March 15 this year. The Education Bureau of Kaohsiung City and the Hakka Committee cooperated to facilitate teachers with intermediate and advanced Hakka proficiency certification , can give priority to recruiting to the Hakka area, so that teachers who are interested in recruiting and transferring to Hakka service will have a closer road to their hometowns.

The Hakka Committee pointed out that the newly revised content not only responds to the call of the teachers’ family and local people, but also improves the quality of Hakka teaching in the Hakka area and protects the right of new Hakka students to be taught Hakka, highlighting the determination and efforts of the city government to revitalize the Hakka language.

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Yang Ruixia, the chairperson of the Hakka Committee, recently held a meeting with the principals of 17 primary and secondary schools in Meinong, Shanlin, and Liugui to discuss the cooperation of Hakka, Chinese, and English bilingual integration activities. During the symposium on teaching promotion and revitalization, we received feedback from front-line teachers, the shortage of Hakka teachers in the Hakzhuang area, and the difficulty of returning home services, and instructed the Municipal Education Bureau, Hakka Committee and other relevant units to discuss and solve them on the spot.

After multi-party coordination, we finally improved the main points and revised the teacher recruitment regulations, and added the priority clauses for teachers with Hakka language proficiency certification above intermediate and senior levels, and recruited to the Hakka area of ​​Kaohsiung City. Educational issues such as rural services are of epoch-making significance.