British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

(Associated Press file photo)

[Reporter Yang Chengyu/Report from Taipei] The European Union (EU) Indo-Pacific envoy Richard Tibbels recently stated that the EU hopes to increase the visibility of its navy in the South China Sea.

In fact, many European countries have successively sent warships to the Indo-Pacific region in recent years.

Among them, the Royal Navy aircraft carrier "HMS Queen Elizabeth" strike group will launch a global cruise mission for more than seven months starting in May 2021, sailing through the South China Sea, the Luzon Strait and the western Pacific Ocean east of Taiwan. .

Bob Stewart, chairman of the Taiwan-UK Parliamentary Group and a member of the British House of Commons, said bluntly: "I hope it crosses the Taiwan Strait."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held the "Press Conference of the Visiting Group of the British Parliamentary Group of the British Parliament" this afternoon (22). (Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi), Kang Fuze MP (Afzal Khan) and Rui Moli MP (Marie Rimmer) and other cross-party members of the Conservative Party and the Labor Party attended the meeting, which was presided over by Liu Yongjian, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and executive director of the public meeting.

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Reuters reported on the 13th that in the first nine months of last year, the United Kingdom approved a substantial increase in the sale of submarine parts and technologies to Taiwan.

Foreign media asked, what is the military exchange between Taiwan and the United Kingdom?

What message does this trip bring back?

Stewart revealed that when meeting with Taiwan government officials, some security issues were indeed discussed.

He could not speak on behalf of the government, but they all supported the British government's approach.

Stewart emphasized that the most important message to bring back to the UK during this trip is to assist Taiwan in self-defense as much as possible.

The members of the regiment have asked the British Parliament to assist Taiwan as much as possible, and they are also happy to see that the British aircraft "HMS Queen Elizabeth" has come to this area.

He very much hoped that the ship would pass straight through the Taiwan Strait, but unfortunately it did not come true due to political considerations.