Ukrainian singer

Sofia Rotaru

reacted to the grief in her family that happened on March 17.

On this day, Lyudmila Belousova, the matchmaker of Sofia Mykhailivna, passed away.

She would have turned 72 on March 30.

Rotaru posted a photo of a smiling Lyudmila in the corner of her Instagram page.

Sofia Rotaru's daughter-in-law Svetlana with her mother Lyudmila / Photo:

"Eternal memory," the artist signed the photo and accompanied it with an emoticon in the form of a candle.

Sofia Rotaru reacted to the death of her matchmaker / Photo:

Ruslan Yevdokymenko, the son of Sofya Rotaru, was the first

to report grief in the family


Two days ago, in his photo blog, he said that his mother-in-law, the mother of his wife Svitlana Lyudmila Bilousova, had died.

Yevdokymenko did not give the cause of death.

"Lyusia, how come... 03/30/1951 - 03/17/2023," the man wrote under the photo.

Sofia Rotaru's family / Photo:

It should be noted that the current whereabouts of Sofia Rotaru, as well as her son Ruslan Yevdokymenko, are currently unknown.

In March 2022, Yevdokymenko, together with his son, grandson Rotaru,

tried to leave Ukraine for Moldova

by boat.

However, then they were detained.

Later it became known that the singer's grandson managed to escape to Europe.

Nothing is known about Ruslan Yevdokymenko's whereabouts.

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