The CITY of Arusha has given ten percent loans of 2.656 billion Shs to 169 groups for the groups of women, youth and people with disabilities and it was emphasized to be more creative

In addition, people with disabilities are allowed to borrow the loans without having a group and the window is open and insisting that the City will continue to provide loans through the Internet to get the correct statistics of the beneficiaries.

Witnessing the 10 percent loan exercise for women, youth and people with disabilities, the Head of Arusha District, Felician Mtahengerwa has emphasized that those who are given loans should be creative businessmen and stop traditional businesses.

Dr Mtahengerwa has said that if the lenders are innovative, they will increase productivity in their businesses, including opening opportunities to advertise their businesses in order to access the local market and even outside the Arusha region.

Also, applying for loans electronically (online) is good because it shows how many groups have received loans and where they are, so the City will continue to provide loans through that channel to find out the groups that have been reached in the provision and repayment of loans and thanked President Samia Hassan Suluhu for ridding the citizens of the situation down and open commercial opportunities.

Acting Director of the City of Arusha, Hargeney Chitukuro has said that the city has never given loans and stressed that the loans will go to seven groups including small industries, 28 transporters, 77 farmers and breeders and 169 groups of various cadres including women, the disabled and young people