As of the morning of March 22, the aggressor 


maintains 13 warships in the Black Sea.

Among them are two surface missile carriers.

The enemy again increased the ship formation.

This was announced by the head of the joint press center of the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine, Nataliya Gumeniuk, on the air of the telethon.

"Having increased such a presence of fire damage, (the Russians - Ed.) have stopped there for now. As for surface missile carriers, their equipment can reach up to 16 missiles. The level of missile danger remains at a high level," she said.

Humenyuk also commented on the night drone attack.

According to her, the strikes were carried out without the use of sea-based missiles.

This may indicate that the Russians are beginning to significantly save on naval missiles and save on high-precision weapons.

"The fact that they are now trying to use tactics, when first in the evening there is an attack on the southern region with the help of aviation, later in the middle of the night - the Shahed attack on other regions, on the northern, northeastern part of Ukraine - is an attempt to reduce the concentration of our air defense forces ", - emphasized the head of the United Press Center.

As reported, on the morning of March 22, a large-scale air alert was announced 

in Ukraine

due to the activity of Russian aviation.

All regions "turned red".

There was a threat of a missile attack. 

We will remind you that on the night of March 22, the aggressor country attacked Ukraine with drones.

President Volodymyr

Zelenskyy emphasized that the Kremlin does not seek peace.

That is why it is necessary to increase global pressure on Moscow.

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