The governor of Prachinburi province hastened to build

Trust the villagers who are still afraid of radioactive substances.

Caesium-137 radiograph

lead office staff

Atoms for Peace distributes 50 personal radiation detectors in the hazardous area surrounding the steel mill.

Ready to install a real-time gamma ray meter in the air 9 stations

due to radiation contamination from customers

Repeatedly control the situation, no leaks were found outside and no one was harmed, asking for 1 month to manage the contaminated iron dust.

order to accelerate the recovery of the trade economy

tourism to return to normal

Relevant agencies speed up the process to build public confidence.

After the incident, the radioactive material cesium-137

Disappeared from the company's steam power plant.

National Power Plant 5A Co., Ltd., Si Maha Phot District, Prachin Buri Province, before being found in a steel smelter, KTP Steel Co., Ltd., Kabin Buri District.

Mixed in the red dust obtained from iron smelting, 24 big bags were placed in the enclosed area of ​​the forge.

Recently, additional cesium was found in one of the three furnaces and metal dust trapped in the filter system.

Examinations of the area surrounding the plant, including the physical examination of 70 workers at the smelter, showed no radioactive contamination.

progress at the office

Hat Nang Kaew Subdistrict Administrative Organization

Kabinburi District at 9:30 a.m. on March 22, Mr. Ron Ron Nakhonchinda, the governor of Prachinburi Province.

Mr. Kitti Kawin Aramrun, Chief of Nuclear and Radiation Emergency Operations Center

Office of Atoms for Peace

Bring the staff to clarify and understand with the staff.

Hat Nang Kaew Subdistrict Administrative Organization

Lat Takhian Subdistrict Administrative Organization

and representatives of villagers near the iron smelter

on radiation level examination in risk groups

By staff of the Office of Atoms for Peace

Bringing 50 personal radiation level monitoring devices to volunteers to measure radiation in risky areas around the factory, including 25 units of Hat Nang Kaew Subdistrict Administrative Organization and 25 Lat Takian Subdistrict Administrative Organizations to build people's confidence.

Mr. Kitt Kawin said

This tool is useful for long-term radiation assessments.

There are two types of radiation exposure.

as in the case of cobalt-60

If touched, there will be a red rash or immediate burns.

But in the case of cesium mixed with metal dust

Confirming that there will not be an incident like cobalt-60 is certain.

Will have to attach a radiation measuring device to the body while using daily life

This unit measures and records the event of radiation exposure.

But without radiation, there will be no effect.

This effect resolves anxiety in the long run.

The head of the Nuclear and Radiation Emergency Operations Center further revealed that

The simplest way is to stick this tool on yourself and be able to carry on with your routine.

Before going to bed, if you are still uncomfortable, you can attach it to your body. After 1 month, the staff will come to collect the results for analysis.

and report back to the province

This is information that cannot be fooled because it is a radiation dosimeter.

If anyone still has concerns, there will be staff working with

The police station also visited the area for random urine testing.

In addition, 9 real-time airborne gamma ray detectors are installed in the Prachin Buri province area and are about to set up a mobile laboratory.

to measure radiation levels and contamination

From investigations to date, radiation levels measured around the plant are equivalent to natural radiation levels and no environmental contamination has been detected.

Then the governor of Prachinburi province

together with the group taking a tour and introducing tools for measuring the level of radiation in the air

It is a 30×60 cm. air extractor installed in the middle of the lawn in front of the office.

Hat Nang Kaew Subdistrict Administrative Organization

to build the confidence of the public

The aforementioned machine will suck the air in the area every 1 hour. The staff will bring a sheet of paper in the machine to measure the radiation value to see if it is contaminated or not.

No cesium-137 emissions have been detected in the community at this time, but authorities are monitoring and monitoring closely on a daily basis.

In addition, Office of Atoms for Peace staff also brought radiation measurements in soil, water and air to measure in a farmer's garden near the factory.

Most of them are plots of vegetable gardens and fruit orchards that are producing produce.

After receiving a request from farmers who own the garden.

Since the news came out that radioactive cesium-137 was found

in the steel mill

Kabin Buri District

It appears that the villagers' agricultural crops are exported to be sold outside the area.

was bounced back a lot

because customers are afraid of radioactive contamination

inflict multiple damage

I would like the staff to bring a device to measure and confirm that there is no radiation leaking from the steel mill.

In the evening, in front of the steel plant, KTP Steel Co., Ltd., Hat Nang Kaeo Subdistrict, Kabinburi District

There was a tow truck carrying big bags containing 16 bags of iron dust weighing 16 tons from the recycling plant in Rayong province and brought them back to the smelter.

It is iron dust obtained from smelting lots on March 2. Upon arrival, the Office of Atoms for Peace staff used radiation measuring equipment in the trailer, all of which contained no radioactive cesium-137 in any way, then brought to be stored. In a factory with a separate warehouse and a 24-ton big bag that detected cesium

Later at 5:00 p.m., Prof. Dr. Sirirerk Songsiwilai, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation

Revealing the progress of detecting radioactive substances

Caesium-137 radiograph

in the iron smithy

The situation is now under control.

The radiation dose detected was low.

Additional measurements were installed in the air and found that the radiation levels were normal.

Must take special care of the safety of the people.

There are currently no reports of patients or people experiencing radiation exposure.

Including the amount of radiation in various environments, both inside and outside, no contamination was found.

Make sure that the situation is under control.

Mr. Ron Ron Nakornchinda, governor of Prachin Buri Province, said that public health issues should pass.

No subjects were found to be addicted to the chemical.

The next phase is the impact on the economy.

Let the agency check if there is an impact on agriculture or not.

but know that there is no

People's brothers and sisters help each other to feel comfortable that they can live a normal life.

Invite people from other provinces to visit

Everything will return to normal.

As for iron dust contaminated with cesium, there are still 24 tons of iron dust stuck in the furnace.

Give it time to cool down before you can estimate how many tons there are so you can find a way to store it. Give me about 1 month to deal with all iron dust contaminated with cesium.

As for the iron dust returned from Rayong

Checked several times and no contaminants.

It's about partners who sell things to each other, so they can be comfortable.

Maj. Gen. Winai Nuchcha, Chief of Police, Prachinburi Province

Mentioned the prosecution of those involved that

The chief of police is very concerned about this matter.

The smelter has not yet made any allegations.

Initially, there were pure intentions.

The case is divided into two parts.

The first part is the lost item.

The second part still has no clear evidence of how it came to be here, however, from the investigation, there may be good news soon. Lost items on February 17, the police were notified on March 10, causing the quite difficult to follow

However, trust yourself and try your best.

Let the Prachin people live happily.

can answer everything

The Office of Atoms for Peace has informed the power plant that it did not inform immediately.

A summons has been issued to the executive director to acknowledge the allegation.

at the poison center

Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, held a press conference on “Cesium (Cs-137) and Prussian blue antidote” Prof. Winai Wananukul, MD. The Department of Internal Medicine said that the disappearance of cesium-137 in Prachinburi province contained 500 micrograms or 0.5 milligrams of melting in a closed furnace system.

The chance of radiation contaminating the environment is very low.

not high risk

But should not be careless.

More importantly, people are not advised to buy drugs for their own consumption.

Prof. Dr. Winai further said that

At this time, the concern of the people in the area may go to the Internet to find information about antidote.

"Prussian Blue" used to treat anti-cesium poisoning

The drug is litmus.

If it is a low grade level, it is widely used in painting.

The medicinal part must be of approved grade.

Going to buy medicine by yourself is therefore risky.

Dosing must be at the discretion of the physician to administer to patients who have received cesium into the body.

not touch

The poison center had a reserve of Prussian Blue 20 years ago, but never had to use it until it expired.

from discussions with

FDA on March 21 saw that it should be prepared.

But the current situation in Thailand is still not required.

But have to warn the public because there are signs people ask and buy Prussian Blue pills in the market

especially in the online system

which is very dangerous