The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the country has congratulated the Tanzanian government for allowing freedom of worship and making it a peaceful country which is praised as an example to be emulated by various countries in the world.

The Chief Sheikh of the Community, Tahir Mahmood Chaudhry gave the congratulations in Morogoro during the event celebrating the 134th anniversary of the establishment of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the World.

He said that Tanzania is a country of peace and stability that deserves to be praised due to its strong foundations of freedom of worship and therefore commended for that because there are other countries in the world that do not have freedom of worship.

The Chief Sheikh of the Community said, the Community will continue to cooperate with the government in various issues to support the provision of social services in the water, health and education sectors.

"We support the government's efforts in supporting the provision of services to the community such as clean and safe water wells, health and education" said the Chief Sheikh of the Community.

And the head of Kilosa district, Shaka Hamdu Shaka speaking on behalf of the head of the region, Fatma Mwassa said, the government recognizes the contribution made by religious institutions in the region and here in the country in serving the people.

Shaka gave an example that the community has been contributing significantly to the development of the country in various sectors including education, health, and water by drilling wells in various areas within the region.

District Head Shaka assured religious leaders in the region that the government will continue to respect and appreciate the contributions made by religious institutions to increase the speed of bringing development to the people.

The representative of the Sheikh of Morogoro Region, Sheikh Saidi Kondo advised the religious leaders, the government and parents to work together to fight acts of violence against children and other evil issues in society.

Sheikh Kondo advised that the education of good morals should continue to be provided in houses of worship, in families and in schools in order to protect children from acts of sexual violence.

On his part, the Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (KKKT), Morogoro Diocese, Jacob Ole Mameo, praised the Ahmadiyya Muslim community for showing great cooperation with other religious sects in the country.

Bishop Mameo who is the Chairman of the Justice and Peace committee of the Morogorona region said that the community is at the forefront of providing teachings that help all communities regardless of their religion.

In the occasion of the celebration, members of the justice and peace committee of the region, the reconciliation committee of the region and the bohora Muslim community in the region were also present.