The Chiayi City Government has set up service stations in 5 places including the Western District Household Registration Office to help people register and deposit 6,000 yuan online.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shanyan)

[Reporter Wang Shanyan/Chiayi Report] 6,000 yuan in cash will be issued to all citizens starting at 8:00 this morning, and online registration and entry will be opened. The West District Office and the East and West District Household Registration Offices set up service counters to assist citizens with online registration.

Xu Mengqin, director of the Western District Household Registration Office, said that because registration is performed according to the last number of the ID card, the website went smoothly this morning, and there were not many people seeking assistance to register.

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The Civil Affairs Office of the Chiayi City Government stated that in order to help the few people who are in poverty receive the general cash as soon as possible, 5 service stations have been set up to help citizens register online; From 1st to 26th, registration will be carried out according to the last number of the ID card. Please register according to the last number of the ID card number or the residence card.

The Civil Affairs Office also appealed that there have been fraudulent groups posing as websites in an attempt to lure the public. When clicking on the website, the public is urged to check whether it is the correct URL for general cash. If you have any questions, you can call the 1988 customer service hotline or the 165 anti-fraud hotline for consultation.