In order to prevent the recurrence of the "piggy" incident in Cambodia, the Executive Yuan will pass the "Human Trafficking Prevention Law" and the "Criminal Law" amendment draft today.

The picture shows the police picking up the victim at the airport.

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[Reporter Wu Zhengfeng/Taipei Report] Fraud syndicates used only "cheat" in the past, but last year they upgraded to violent fraud syndicates, including private detention of accounts, beatings and torture if they do not cooperate, and even lure people abroad to engage in fraud. After the cold-blooded crime aroused the concern of the government and the whole people, the competent authorities not only amended the law to punish them severely, but also according to the statistics of the High Prosecution Office, the police have rescued 880 victims in the past seven months.

High Procuratorate's Six Major Actions

According to statistics from the High Procuratorate, from August last year to March 13 this year, in the past seven months, the procuratorate accepted 163 cases related to telecommunications fraud, lynching and detention, and 613 defendants were seized, of which 166 were arrested. The court ruled to take him into custody, and the seized criminal proceeds amounted to more than 24.52 million yuan.

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On the other hand, nowadays, many fraudulent groups often resort to cross-sector "alliances" to commit crimes. In order to strengthen the crackdown, the High Prosecutor's Office convened a meeting of representatives from various fields such as law enforcement, administration, and militias, and made a "Notice on Strengthening the Management of the Hotel Industry". Mechanism", "Agreement to increase the amount of transfers needs to be handled in the "counter" and care about questions and substantive review", "Increase the hesitation period for high-risk account remittances", "Bind a mobile phone number when opening an online bank", " The cooling mechanism of abnormal account transfers", "the feasibility of managing and monitoring abnormal accounts and providing information to police agencies" and other six major initiatives.

Review the current laws and regulations. Article 32 of the Human Trafficking Prevention Act applies to the crime of sending job seekers abroad to engage in fraud. The maximum penalty for completed crimes is seven years, and the penalty for attempted crimes is reduced by half. However, the law only punishes labor exploitation, sexual exploitation, and organ removal. In order to increase deterrence, it is planned to add a fourth type of "causing people to commit crimes" and increase the sentence for attempted crimes.

Fraudsters are currently committing fake investment crimes, and there are also fake celebrity identities to defraud money. In order to combat fraudulent groups using technology to commit crimes, Article 339-4 of the Criminal Law aggravates the type of fraud, adding punishment for deepfake video and audio fraud, and the penalty for one to seven years.

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