There is currently a red bean landmark in the open space of the second section of Zhongxing Road.

(Photo by reporter Ye Yongqian)

[Reporter Ye Yongqian/Wandan Report] Wanhui Palace, Wandan Township, Pingtung County intends to set up a Mazu statue as a landmark in the open space at the intersection of Zhongxing Road Section 2, causing controversy. The land is shared, and there are different views and disputes within the Wanhui Palace, so the case will not be implemented, and a conclusion will not be reached until the disputes in the temple are subsided.

The Wanhui Palace in Wandan recently adopted the vacant land at the intersection of the second section of Zhongxing Road, and planned to set up a statue of Mazu as a characteristic symbol of the place. It was approved by Liu Zhaosong, the former township head, but after the news came out, it caused different opinions among the officials and believers in the temple. , causing controversy, especially the exposure of the preliminary image of the statue’s image has aroused discussions from all walks of life.

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The current head of Wandan Township, Li Jianlin, instructed the township office to clarify the ownership of the land, and found that the land had multiple landlords, which was quite complicated. The township government only held a part of the land. If the statue of Mazu was to be erected, the landlord’s consent had to be obtained, and the temple authority Because of this case, there has been a lot of turmoil, and even internal court proceedings. Therefore, the township office will wait for the disputes and judicial decisions of the temple to be finalized before clarifying the rights and responsibilities of land use. Only then can it be determined whether it can be used legally. Currently, it is impossible to establish .

The open space in the second section of Zhongxing Road where the statue of Mazu is intended to be erected.

(Photo by reporter Ye Yongqian)