Lin Zimiao's daughter Lin Yiling.

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[Reporter You Mingjin/Yilan Report] There has been a major change in the nomination process for candidates for the Yilan County Legislative Committee of the KMT. Zhang Jianrong, the head of the party branch, said that the county party branch does not register for the primary election. Reported to the Party Central Committee, the first group meeting will be held on the 28th to exchange opinions. Currently, the targeted candidates include county councilors Lin Yuexian and Huang Tingting, and county magistrate Lin Zimiao’s daughter Lin Yiling; included in consideration.

The 9-member group decided not to hold the primary election to find candidates

There is only one regional legislator in Yilan County, and Chen Oupo of the DPP wants to seek the fourth consecutive hegemony.

Lin Zimiao of the Kuomintang has been involved in corruption and other lawsuits. At the end of last year, the county magistrate election still won re-election with a high number of votes, which made the Kuomintang more confident in the legislative election early next year, and hoped to win the election in one go; The county councilor Lin Yuexian was called to run for the legislature, but Lin Yuexian issued a statement emphasizing that he had no intention of running for the election, which made the nomination work full of twists and turns.

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The Democratic Progressive Party is currently registering for the primary election of the party’s legislators, but the KMT has decided to take a different approach. Zhang Jianrong said that the county party headquarters will not handle the registration of the primary election of the legislative members, but will set up another “nine-member group” to find suitable candidates. Don’t go through the registration process like the DPP. It’s better to report the candidates selected by the “Nine-member Group” to the Party Central Committee. This way, it will be less troublesome. It will be very troublesome to register again.

Zhang Jianrong pointed out that the "Nine-member Group" will hold its first meeting on the 28th. The members include him, vice chairman Lin Mingchang, Cai Gangzhi, Huang Fuxing, Huang Guolan party representative, and former legislator Yang Jixiong. Look for candidates, don't register.

Zhang Jianrong compared, for example, if Lin Yuexian is suitable, the 9-member group will discuss it. He also hopes that the county magistrate's daughter Lin Yiling and county councilor Huang Tingting can consider it. The 9-member group will hold a formal meeting to exchange views.

Although both Lin Yuexian and Lin Yiling had stated that they had no intention of running for the election, the county party department still did not give up trying to persuade them to join.

Zhang Jianrong emphasized that the Kuomintang will not have no one to run for the legislator. The point is, will this person win?

We need to find someone who is more suitable and will win, otherwise why would there be no one?

As for Huang Dinghe, who applied to quit the party in 2019 because he left the party to stand for election as a legislator, he is currently a county councilor without party membership, but he has joined the KMT parliamentary group to operate, and at the same time applied to return to the KMT. Zhang Jianrong said that it depends on whether he can return to the KMT. National situation ad hoc handling.

It is understood that if no suitable candidate in the party is willing to run for election, Huang Dinghe will also be considered. Zhang Jianrong said that he can't speak now, and it will mess up if he speaks out. Party members.

KMT Yilan County Councilor Lin Yuexian.

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KMT Yilan County Councilor Huang Tingting.

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Huang Dinghe, a member of Yilan County without party membership.

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