The Penghu County Government's new list of personnel changes has finally been released.

(Photo by reporter Liu Yuqing)

[Reporter Liu Yuqing/Penghu Report] The Penghu County Government has been rumored for a long time about a new list of personnel changes in charge. Lin Wenzao, the deputy director of the construction department, was promoted to the director of the public works department, and Xu Qichuan, the secretary, was promoted to the director of the civil affairs department.

Chen Yunru, the former Director of Civil Affairs, was transferred to be a counselor, and Xue Wentang, the former Director of Public Works, was transferred to be Secretary. There will be another wave of personnel changes in the follow-up.

Lin Wenzao, the new head of the Public Works Department, has served as the section chief and deputy director of the Public Works Department, the deputy director of the Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau, and the deputy director of the Construction Department. He has good communication and coordination skills. Actively implement various important constructions, solve problems pragmatically and meet the needs of the people.

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Xu Qichuan, the new Director of Civil Affairs, has served as Director of Civil Affairs, Secretary of the County Government, Secretary of the Environmental Protection Bureau, Secretary of Xiyu Township Office, and Section Chief.

At the end of last year, he returned to Xiyu Township to run for the mayor election. Although he failed, Chen Guangfu returned to power and took charge of the Civil Affairs Office again. He should be familiar with it.

Chen Yunru, the former director of civil affairs, was transferred to the council, and Xue Wentang, the former director of public affairs, was transferred to Jian as secretary. Among them, Xue Wentang's fate attracted the attention of the outside world.

In addition to the continuous possible update of the list of first-level supervisors, the current layout of Chen Guangfu's county government team, the positions of deputy director and section chief, etc., will also undergo significant changes. External pocket lists have been released one after another, but the announcement by the county government is still subject to.