KMT chairman Zhu Lilun stated at the Central Committee that after a joint decision in the 2024 presidential election, "conscripts" will be adopted to unite and win the election (photo by reporter Tian Yuhua)

[Reporter Shi Xiaoguang/Taipei Report] Chairman Zhu Lilun of the Kuomintang announced when he presided over the Central Standing Committee meeting this afternoon. After a period of time, he consulted the heads of Lanying counties and cities, members of the Legislative Yuan party group, and advanced members of the party. Everyone agreed that the presidential candidate should be recruited. , to win the election with unity and avoid disputes, and then the Central Standing Committee also passed a resolution. The relevant presidential nomination method will be sent to the Central Committee for approval after the completion of the recent research.

Hong Mengkai, chairman of the KMT’s Cultural Communication Association, pointed out that he hopes that before the completion of the three-stage nomination process of the Legislative Council, the Party Central Committee will confirm the candidate for the presidential call. At that time, the hen and all the chicks will be unveiled at the same time, laying an opportunity for the 2024 political party rotation.

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KMT spokesman Lin Jiaxing relayed after the Central Standing Committee that the meeting unanimously adopted the method of recruitment to nominate presidential candidates, and no one advocated holding primary elections.

As for whether the recruitment of candidates is limited to the party or includes people outside the party, Lin Jiaxing said that he has not specifically mentioned whether it is limited to the party. The research on the presidential nomination method is still in work and will be announced as soon as possible after it is determined.

Hong Mengkai said that all possible candidates are likely to be considered. If there is a strong candidate in the party, everyone will certainly hope that the strongest candidate can represent the KMT to run for president, but this process must be integrated and united. The opposition force, so there are still many details to be done in the future.

Asked by the media, did Zhu Lilun talk to the former Hon Hai chairman Guo Taiming about the recruitment issue?

Hong Mengkai said that today the Central Committee will confirm the recruitment before continuing to integrate the follow-up opposition forces.

Regarding the media’s mention of New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi’s recent statement that he is more and more clear about his willingness to contribute to the country, Lin Jiaxing said that all potential candidates hope to do their part for the country and society, and Hou Youyi has continued to play his role , The Party Central Committee respects Hou Youyi's statement.

Hong Mengkai said that Hou Youyi himself is very clear about what kind of responsibility should be assumed, and when it is time to take it, no one in the party will choose to evade it, as long as it is time to take it, everyone will come forward.

In addition, the Central Standing Committee of the KMT also approved the list of members of the Central Nomination Committee today, which will be convened by the party chairman Zhu Lilun. The members include 3 vice-chairmen, the secretary-general, the chief caller of the party group of the Legislative Yuan, and 14 heads of blue-run municipalities, counties and cities.

Lin Jiaxing pointed out that the Central Nomination Committee assigns tasks according to their positions. Regarding the future operating mechanism, he gave an example. If it is a Taipei City Legislative Council constituency, Taipei Mayor Jiang Wanan will be required to participate, but other county and city chiefs are also free to participate.

As for whether local chiefs are free to participate in the Central Nomination Committee?

Lin Jiaxing said that he did not mention whether it was compulsory or not.

Regarding Taichung Mayor Lu Xiuyan's interview saying that she had not received relevant information, Lin Jiaxing clarified that it was because Lu Xiuyan had not learned about the status of the Standing Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China at the first time. He also emphasized that the fact that the Party Central Committee had directly communicated with Lu Xiuyan, and Lu himself knew about it According to the situation, they should be willing to join the Central Nomination Committee.

Zhu Lilun announced today that the nominations for the first phase of the legislative election will be completed on April 22, the second phase will be completed on May 20, and the third phase will be completed on June 18. For difficult constituencies, the KMT will call for more bravery The new warriors of the Blue Army will jointly assume the candidature.

Zhu Lilun emphasized that in the presidential election, the Kuomintang must work hard to unite all forces that can be united and win all friends who can win support. The party department has the responsibility to help major candidates remove obstacles, win support, and win non-green friends to work together.