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Bhopal :

Every officer-employee in the country used to get only one pension, but 'honorable' means if the MLA moves from the state to Delhi, then the pension of the MP, if he goes to the Rajya Sabha, 3 pensions, in many states pension according to each term... Madhya Pradesh in every case It is unique here, from the MLA to the Speaker, the heart is asking for more. The logic is that many states provide such facilities.

If we talk about the Speaker of Madhya Pradesh Vidhansabha, Girish Gautam, while in office, he has submitted a retirement plan to the government.

It has been demanded that the former speaker should also get salary and allowances like cabinet minister.

Presently the former Chief Minister is entitled to it.

On this issue, MP Assembly Speaker Girish Gautam says, "The speaker's name is very low in the protocol. Now it has been brought to the 17th. It was argued that the Lokayukta whose appointment is signed by the speaker, after getting the post in the protocol He will be above and we will be below. There is no mention of the former speaker, so just said that on being a former speaker, he should get the status of a minister."

For the first time in the parliamentary history of the state, a speaker has made such a proposal regarding his retirement.

If the proposal is accepted, former BJP speaker Dr. Sitasaran Sharma and former Congress speaker Dr. NP Prajapati will also get these facilities.

At present both of them are MLAs.

If the proposal is accepted then they will get 10000 km.

2 lakh including railway coupon, one car, 2 drivers and staff, 350 liters of fuel, health care, salary, allowances and other facilities for the journey of Rs.

Month will be available.

 Taking care of former MLAs as well 

By the way, the Speaker is not only taking care of himself, he is also taking care of the former MLAs, recently 300 leaders reached the conference of former MLAs.

There was a demand that former MPs and MLAs should also be included in the protocol list.

There should be arrangement to stay in MP Bhavan of Delhi for 30 days in a year.

The pension amount should be increased to Rs 60,000, along with 25 rooms should be reserved in the MLA's rest house.Girish Gautam said, "some of them should be increased, at least 25 rooms should be reserved for them, and some tea for them." Breakfast has been arranged ((patch)) Chhattisgarh has been given by many states, the name of the former MP is not mentioned, the Member Facilitation Committee has decided to include former MPs in 33rd, MLAs in 34th."

Government spends 21 crores annually on the pension of former MLAs

In terms of figures, Madhya Pradesh government spends 21 crores annually on the pension of more than 450 former MLAs.

Former MLAs get a pension of 35 thousand rupees every month.

There is an increase of Rs 800 every year in every second term.

After this, the number of terms they complete, their pension gets increased by 4 thousand rupees every time.

Not only this, on reaching Lok Sabha in Delhi, they are entitled to double and if they go to Rajya Sabha, then all three are entitled to pension.

Significantly, on the question of Congress, the state government clearly said in the assembly that there is no intention to return to the old pension.

After 30 years of government service, an employee used to get a minimum monthly pension of 9 to 10 thousand rupees.

500 is also available in NPS but if the 'honorable' comes even for a day, he will get at least 35,000.

Many MLAs are getting 3-3 pensions.

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