The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmytro Medvedev, hysterically declared that due to Ukraine's help in the fight against Russian terrorists, "the threat of using nuclear weapons has increased." 

Russian media of mass propaganda write about it. 

The "alternate" president of the Russian Federation, Medvedev, said that "the threat of using nuclear weapons is increasing every day due to the supply of western weapons to Ukraine." 

"This brings the same nuclear apocalypse closer," the Putinist said. 

Medvedev also took offense, saying that "the West should have given Russia security guarantees back in December, but they allegedly did not believe in Russia's "determination". 

Nuclear hysteria of the Kremlin 

Before the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces, Russia constantly starts talking about the use of nuclear weapons on the battlefield against Ukraine, which is fighting Russian terrorists.

Experts believe that with such rhetoric, the Kremlin is trying to disrupt the supply of modern weapons to Ukraine to fight against the occupiers. 

Dictator Vladimir Putin announced on February 21 that 

Russia was suspending its participation in the 

Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty concluded with the United States.

It is about the limitation of such weapons.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov believes that the state of Russian nuclear weapons is currently unknown. 

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