Yan Kuanheng registered to run for the election. Legislator Lin Jingyi said that she believed that the people would hope that she would be elected so that the changes in the second constituency would continue.

(Photo by reporter Su Jinfeng)

[Reporter Su Jinfeng/Taichung Report] Yan Kuanheng, a former legislator of the Kuomintang, today asked someone else to register as a candidate for the second constituency of Taichung City's Shalu District, Longjing District, Dadu District, Wuri District, and Wufeng District. Lin Jingyi, the party’s current legislator in the second constituency, said that this time Yan Kuanheng will definitely have the feeling of “certain victory”. The election of her and former legislator Chen Baiwei will change the second constituency. I believe the public will hope that this change will continue.

As for whether she is worried about the resurgence of fried rice noodles and Yan Kuanheng's grassroots forces during the election, Lin Jingyi said that Yan Kuanheng is deeply involved in the local area, mainly because his younger sister Yan Limin is the deputy speaker of the Central City Council. This time, the city council election has received good support. They have several identities in one family , Sometimes it is the representative of the temple, sometimes it is the representative of the deputy speaker, and sometimes it is the representative of the candidate. One identity can be used by several people.

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Lin Jingyi said that she knew that the election campaign in 2024 would be difficult, because the by-election of the legislators in the second constituency in 2022 is a national concern. When talking about air warfare, more people will care about it, and there will be more discussions. The part of local organizations and local momentum Yan Kuanheng will be more favorable. As early as she was elected in 2022, she knew that the 2024 election would be difficult. She and her team took two years to make complete preparations, hoping to make all voters feel what a professional legislator is and what kind of The legislators can serve the people fairly, cleanly and selflessly. She believes that the local people should feel it during this time.

Lin Jingyi said that it is difficult to find local problems in the national legislature by-election. For example, some local problems in the Nantou by-election have been discussed for a long time. If there is no election of national concern, no one will discuss it. and caring, especially young people do not care about or understand some problems in their hometowns, so the chances of discussing local malpractices and problems next year are relatively low.

Lin Jingyi said that she and Chen Baiwei will be elected, which means that the people in the Second Second Constituency want to change. I believe that people will hope that this change will continue in next year's election.