Determined to participate in the legislative election, Yan Kuanheng entrusted an agent to complete the registration of the Legislator in the second constituency.

(Provided by the KMT Taichung City Party Headquarters)

[Reporters Su Mengjuan, Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung Report] KMT Taichung City Legislative Party Primary Election is registered on the first day today, and the first step is to handle the operation of the 2nd, 3rd, and 8th constituencies. The former legislator Yan Kuanheng sent an agent to collect the form and complete the registration of the 2nd constituency , and legislator Jiang Qichen also entrusted an agent to collect the form first; because the current DPP legislator Lin Jingyi has completed the registration of legislators in the second constituency the day before yesterday, the second constituency will reproduce the situation of the two-man confrontation in the by-election last year.

The Taichung City Party Headquarters of the Kuomintang handled the registration of candidates for the first echelon of the 11th Legislative Council Election today. On the first day, 2 people received their forms, including the 8th constituency (Fengyuan District, Dongshi District, Xin Community, Shigang District, and Heping District) ) Jiang Qichen entrusted to collect the form, and Yan Kuanheng also entrusted to collect the form and completed the registration of the second constituency (Shalu District, Longjing District, Dadu District, Wuri District, Wufeng District).

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The first echelon registration of the Kuomintang Taichung City Party Headquarters is expected to end at 4 pm on the 24th; as for the current legislator Yang Qiongying in the third constituency, it is expected to receive the registration on the 24th.