Kaohsiung prison administrators charged with torturing inmates to death.

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[Reporter Bao Jianxin/Kaohsiung Report] Kaohsiung Prison Administrator Qiu Kaideng and other 6 people were accused of murdering prisoners. 5 of them were convicted and convicted. Only Qiu was revoked by the Supreme Court and sent back by the High Court Kaohsiung Branch. The sentence was pronounced, and the sentence was commuted to 3 years and 4 months in prison according to the crime of abusing others, and the sentence can still be appealed.

It is understood that on the afternoon of October 17, 2019, when Li Zhenbin, the administrator of Kaohsiung Prison, served as the daily duty supervisor of the illegal dormitory "Renyuan" in the guard zone, and the night shift supervisor Qiu Kaideng was handing over duties, the prisoner surnamed Chen was emotionally unstable. Kicking the door frantically, the two ordered Liu and other four handymen (criminals) to take him to the "quiet area" in the blind corner of the surveillance system. They were suspected of handcuffing him with an iron ring on the ground and wearing a plastered Hard hat with sealing tape.

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After Chen was beaten by Liu and others, he was sent back to the dormitory. However, due to organ bleeding and broken ribs, he kept wailing. It was not until five hours later that he lost signs of life that Li Yuan knew that the situation was serious and sent him to the hospital.

Unexpectedly, in order to conceal the truth, Li Yuan and Qiu Kaideng were suspected of publishing false content in the contact book of on-duty personnel and the monitoring record book of the surveillance system in an attempt to evade responsibility.

Li Zhenbin and 4 handymen were involved in the crimes of torturing and causing death. Li Yuan was sentenced to 8 years and 7 months in prison, and Liu and other 4 people were sentenced to 2 to 3 years and 2 months in prison.

As for Qiu Yuan, who was sentenced to 9 years in the first trial and sentenced to 5 years and 3 months in prison in the second trial, he refused to accept the appeal, and the Supreme Court revoked part of the death crime against him for allegedly torturing others, and sentenced him to a fixed sentence for forging documents. The sentence was pronounced in the morning, and the sentence was changed to 3 years and 4 months, which is 8 months less than the original sentence.