As a result, our country has officially entered the time of a new general election.

After the Royal Gazette website

has published a royal command

Royal Decree to dissolve the House of Representatives B.E. 2566 on Monday, March 20th.

As I wrote today's manuscript still do not know.

The Election Commission or the Election Commission of Thailand will set the date for the new general election.

But it must not be less than 45 days and not more than 60 days after the Royal Decree comes into effect.

It is considered that there is still some time for various political parties.

Will campaign together fully

Along with us, the voters, there is still time to deliberate before deciding who to vote for.

or which party to choose

fully as well

As for the politicians, how will they campaign?

How much effort

Let him go, because the Election Commission is already watching.

But for us, the Thai people are here.

that I would have to make a special plea to you

To exercise thoroughness and serious consideration.

Because this election will be one of the most important elections in Thailand.

Choosing which party to run the country

Or choose any person to be the Prime Minister, the leader of the country, so it's very important.

If we observe from the polls of various bureaus in the past

or even a few days ago

We will find that there is one thing that the polling office says:

“I haven't decided who to pick yet.”

Sometimes the percentage of undecided is very high.

Higher than the percentage of the decision to choose that party.

I'm not sure how many undecided people in the last poll will be.

If there are still many

I would be very grateful.

And would like to ask you to take your time to think further, think for a long time, think thoroughly in every aspect.

Especially in the case of choosing someone to be Prime Minister.

or if there are few left

Because most of them have decided that I like that party, I like this party.

Like that person, this person has to choose like that.

Would it be possible to ask you to think a little more...and make another decision?

Especially deciding who you want to be.

The next "Prime Minister" is an issue that I want you to think carefully about.

Pick up your name and put it on the board.

So who should we choose?

At the same time using a new way of thinking.

That is, instead of looking at how much they can benefit the country?

Let's look at how much "you" will make the nation "chaotic"?

see in detail

By emphasizing on who comes up and will become a "cause" causing more chaos.

It takes no less than 45 days and no more than 60 days to be the day of this election. Think carefully as possible.

In order to select the person who will be the least problematic.

I have already written that

In this election, we are like the "frogs" in Aesop's fables about "The Frog Chooses You" because we have to choose the Prime Minister along with it.

Choosing good or bad, if you get a "stork", then you will be very busy.

The word "stork" here does not only mean the bird that will come to catch us frog people.

But it also has a deeper meaning.

It is a modern stork that does not just eat frogs.

But it will be a stork that may have "bird flu" with it.

Even without eating frogs directly

But it can spread bird flu.

Causing chaos to the frog people for various reasons

which will make the log that we used to live happily

instantly became a log of sorrow

Therefore, I would like to ask each other to think...think as best as possible.

And please don't make the mistake of choosing "Stork" who is "Bird Flu" to be "Mister" and we will cause chaos in the whole city again.