The Ministry of Health and Welfare will amend the content of the "Law on the Protection of Welfare and Rights and Interests of Children and Adolescents." The picture shows Director of the Department of Protection, Zhang Xiuyuan.

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[Reporter Lin Huiqin/Taipei Report] The civil law amends the right to discipline parents, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare will also amend the "Law on the Protection of Children and Adolescents' Welfare and Rights and Interests." The content of "physical and mental abuse" in Article 49 has not been specifically defined, resulting in discrepancies among counties and cities, and then re-examined the decision to reach a consistent approach.

The Ministry of Justice announced the draft amendment to Article 1085 of the Civil Code "Parents may discipline their children within the necessary scope", delete the original "discipline" text, and amend it to "Parents should take into account the age and developmental The personality of the child must not be used as an act of physical or mental violence against the child."

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Zhang Xiuyuan pointed out that in Article 49 of the "Law on the Protection of the Welfare and Rights of Children and Adolescents", it has clearly stipulated that no one should behave towards children and adolescents, that is, the part of inappropriate treatment, but one of the scopes of "physical and mental abuse" It is very broad, returning to the spirit of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, including physical violence, mental violence, sexual violence and neglect of care. However, there are some discrepancies in the counties and cities, some are lenient, some are stricter, and even increase long-term, continuous conditions that cause injuries. Therefore, the decision to revise the consensus approach has nothing to do with the adjustment of the civil law.

Zhang Xiuyuan mentioned that in the process of raising children, I always hope to use better, more legitimate, or education and parenting methods without negative learning, that is, to avoid spanking and slapping, because learning When it is useful to slap someone and get a quick response, one slap may result in a physical slap, which is actually a bad parenting pattern.

However, Zhang Xiuyuan pointed out, is this considered illegal?

We need to see if beating people is a habit?

How does it affect children?

It doesn't break the law just because you spank your ass.

In case of being reported after the fight, and the investigation by the social worker is indeed inappropriate, the next step is to provide resources for parents to learn a good parenting style. Give a chance to learn. After all, no one has ever been a parent. They don't know what to do. They learn by doing to raise their children.

Zhang Xiuyuan also gave examples, such as a child procrastinating in doing homework, beating with a loving little hand or a rattan cane, or the child is hyperactive and has a special condition, but the parents don't know it, and they force them to sit on a chair obediently, or even tie them up. ; or kindergarten children running around to affect the class, the teacher hopes to sit down and study hard in class, but chooses to tie up during class, which is not treated properly.

☆Liberty Newsletter cares about you: If you suspect that a child has suffered physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual assault, or sexual harassment, please call the 113 special line. Through the connection service of professional social workers, children in life crisis can be rescued as soon as possible.