As of 01:52

an air alert

was announced in Ukraine . 

According to verified information, the explosions occurred in Zhytomyr and Khmelnytskyi regions.

This is reported in social networks. 

Probably, it is about the work of air defense. 

It is also reported about two air targets in the Rivne region.

The information is being clarified.

Stay in shelters. 

"In general, taking into account the targets that are not visible on the radar in all regions up to 7 air targets. In our region (Kyivska - ed.) 2 The one that was in the Brovary region on the approach to Kyiv disappeared from the radar (there were no reports of air defense)" , - the monitoring channels report. 

We will remind that 

the air alert is spreading in Ukraine: the number of regions where the siren sounds has increased

There is also

a threat of drone attacks in the Kyiv region

: air defense forces are on alert. 

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