At an elementary school in Winnipeg, Canada, a skunk disrupted classes and forced students to move to other educational institutions because of the unbearable stench.

The animal made its way into the basement of Stevenson-Britannia School and staged a "gas attack" there. writes about it.

The smell was first detected on Monday, March 20, and the next day the stench became even worse.

Therefore, the management of the institution decided to find alternative places for classes. 

Animal control specialists were brought in to catch the skunk.

Now the school administration is struggling with the consequences of the furry visit.

So, ozone generators were installed in the room and ventilation was strengthened.

Parents were told that the children would continue their studies in alternative sites until the end of the week.

At Stevenson-Britannia, classes will be held from Monday.

"The school staff, students, parents and department staff came together to deal with the smelly situation. The kids proved once again that they are resilient and in the end they will have a funny story to tell," the message said.

It will be recalled that a three-year-old boy

shocked with a masterful drift

on a Ferrari.

The kid learned to drive at the age of two.

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