The pre-election campaign has languished, until now it has remained on the sidelines of the state's agenda.

We do not hear new messages, there is no change in style either - instead of talking about opportunities for intersections, the conflicts between the parties and personal insults and qualifications continue.

Vice President Iliana Yotova commented this to journalists in Veliko Tarnovo.

She called on the parties that are fighting for people's trust to propose solutions to the most important issues

- how to deal with inflation, how to keep fuel prices affordable, how we will preserve and develop Bulgarian business and the Bulgarian economy, the press office announced of the head of state.

The vice-president again emphasized the position of the presidential institution that Bulgaria, as a parliamentary republic, needs a regular government voted by the National Assembly. 

Iliana Yotova: This time the stakes in the elections are very high

When asked about the report of the US State Department in the part about Bulgaria, Iliana Yotova stated that there is nothing surprising in it.

"The report contains known facts and refers to specific cases indicated by our non-governmental organizations and the Bulgarian Ombudsman.

I call for an end to the practice, which began with the reports of the European Commission, of waiting for someone from the outside to point out the wrongdoings.

We must have the will to solve our problems", stressed the vice-president.

Asked about the war in Ukraine and the sending of weapons from Bulgaria, Yotova said: We are waiting for the parties to decide on these issues.

The Ministry of Defense strictly complies with the decision of the National Assembly on military aid to Ukraine - Bulgaria will help according to its capabilities.