Reigning champion for 6 consecutive years in Finland

It is the happiest country in the world for six consecutive years.

The 2023 World Happiness Report ranks happiness in over 150 countries.

Prepared by Academic Network for Sustainable Development

of the United Nations (Sustainable Development Solutions Network-SDSN)

Published in

International Day of Happiness on March 20th

Found that Finland still ranks number 1 happiest country in the world.

Consecutive year 6

Approximately 5.5 million Finnish people enjoy a good quality of life in all aspects.

Including living, education, safety and welfare in various areas.

While the crime rate

Inequality and poverty are among the lowest in the world.

As for the happiest countries after Finland, most of them are also Nordic countries.

By the top 20 happiest countries in the world.

These are Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Israel, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Austria.

Australia, Canada, Ireland, United States, Germany, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, England and Lithuania.

Indicators in the World Happiness Ranking

Based on the results of the Gallup World Poll.

With 6 indicators of happiness: social support, income, health, freedom, generosity.

and the absence of corruption

As the top 10 least happy countries in the world

Includes Afghanistan, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Congo, Botswana, Malawi, Comoros, Tanzania and Zambia.

As for Russia, the source of the war with Ukraine

until causing chaos around the world

Ranked 70th and Ukraine slipped to 92nd place.

For Thailand from the rankings, this round is ranked 60th.

Maybe next year there will be a world happiness ranking again.

Ranking Thailand may move up.

especially if there is a change in the government

according to the needs of the majority of Thai people

People with power come to administer the state affairs.


elected by the majority

No. MPs come to pick up 20-30 seats and use cunning.

use special power mechanism

to climb up the ladder of power again

On that day, I thought that the happiness index might rise to the top ten.

And even more if the policy of selling dreams that various political parties come out to collect bluffs crushed to sweep votes

pushed out as a successful government policy

Still can't imagine that

How much happier will Thai people be?

How high will the scorecard aggregate go?

The important thing is

that if after the election

A government can be formed from public opinion.

We have an amendment to the constitution.

Let the rules fit into place

create fairness and equality

Thai people would be as happy as any nation in the world.

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