A large national flag tricolor has been installed in the building of the Indian High Commission in London.

New Delhi/London:

A bigger national flag was hoisted at the Indian High Commission building in London amid protests by Khalistan supporters.

The embassy on Monday raised a smaller flag on the building in a befitting reply to the protesters after Khalistani supporters pulled down the Indian flag outside the building.

Today, when more than 2,000 Khalistan supporters again came in front of the building, the Indian embassy stood on the roof of the building and covered its ramparts with the national flag.

Some of the separatists threw ink and water bottles at the police.

In the photographs, a dozen staffers of the embassy are seen standing on the terrace in the form of a human chain, holding a long tricolor. 

In contrast to the chaotic scenes that unfolded on Sunday, Khalistan supporters were stopped on the road today.

There were police officers standing and patrolling the area.

The deployment of additional security forces in London comes shortly after police removed traffic barricades outside the British High Commission in Delhi.

Some people interpreted the vigilance being taken in London as Britain's response to India's displeasure.

Delhi Police said the reason behind the removal of the barricades was that they were "causing hindrance" to the commuters.

Following India's protest, the London Metropolitan Police has deployed more than 20 buses parked near India House and mounted troopers to patrol the streets.