How and with what to wash off traces of tape on the glass, so that there are no traces of glue and so as not to damage the windows

  • Wipe traces of tape on the windows 

    with a soda solution

    , then rinse with plain water.

  • In order for the glue to leave behind, first wipe the places with glue well with

    oil, in particular, essential oil


    Leave for 15 minutes, after which it will be easier to wipe off the traces. 

  • Such traces are well dissolved

    by solvents

    such as acetone, gasoline, white spirit.

    If there is nothing from this list, then nail polish remover will do.

    Before using the solvent, as it has a strong smell, it is necessary to open the windows.

    Be careful, make sure that the solvent does not get on the plastic profile.

  • Ammonium alcohol

    effectively washes traces on plastic windows 


    Moreover, it is good to clean plastic frames from dirt with ammonia.

    Because of its pungent smell, you also need to open the windows before starting work.

In order not to damage the windows, you cannot use:

  • abrasive powders and metal brushes, because scratches will remain on the glass;

  • caustic acid or alkaline agents;

  • traces of glue on frosted glass should not be cleaned with acetone or other solvents.

If there is such an opportunity, it is necessary to wipe off the glue with special means.

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