iPhone battery deterioration is often found.

Especially those who use the device for a long time.

So many people have to

change iphone battery

to increase comfort

reduce anxiety

Including extending the period of use of the device again, with the latest Apple requiring

the replacement of the iPhone battery.

The price increased after March 1st.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone battery at zero?

Do I have to make a reservation?

Continue to follow in the article.

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone battery iCare 2023?

There are different prices for iPhone battery replacements from official centers.

depending on the model as follows

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max Price 3,850

  • iPhone 14 Pro Price 3,850

  • iPhone 14 Plus price 3,850

  • iPhone 14 Price 3,850

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max Price 3,290

  • iPhone 13 Pro Price 3,290

  • iPhone 13 Plus Price 3,290

  • iPhone 13 Price 3,290

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max Price 3,290

  • iPhone 12 Pro Price 3,290

  • iPhone 12 Price 3,290

  • iPhone 12 mini price 3,290

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Price 3,290

  • iPhone 11 Pro Price 3,290

  • iPhone 11 Price 3,290

  • iPhone XR price 3,290

  • iPhone X Price 3,290

  • iPhone XS Price 3,290

  • iPhone XS MAX Price 3,290

  • iPhone 8 Price 2,590

  • iPhone 8 Plus 2,590

  • iPhone 7 Price 2,590

  • iPhone 7 Plus Price 2,590

  • iPhone 6 Price 2,590

  • iPhone 6S Price 2,590

  • iPhone 6 Plus Price 2,590

  • iPhone 6S Plus Price 2,590

  • iPhone SE, 1st generation, price 2,590

  • iPhone SE 2nd generation price 2,590

  • iPhone SE 3rd generation price 2,590

Where is the best place to change iPhone batteries?

iphone battery


Can choose to change the battery from many places, such as replacing the iPhone battery, general stores, iStudio, iCare, which for replacing iPhone batteries iStudio or general stores

There will be different prices and service fees from iCare, while replacing the battery at different iCare stores will have slightly different service fees. 

To change the iPhone battery, do I have to reserve an appointment?

Booking an iPhone battery replacement queue reduces waiting time.

and allows service users to plan other activities


You can book an appointment through the official website with the following steps:

1. Click on the Apple Support website, log in with your Apple ID account

2. Select the device to be repaired, then select “Repair and Physical Damage”

3. Select “Battery Service”

4. Select the iCare center area Need to

replace iPhone battery

Immediately specify the date and time.

If changing to a branch other than Apple Central World, additional charges may apply.

How long does it take to change the iPhone battery?

depending on the condition of the device itself

To change the iPhone battery, do I need to clean the device?

iphone battery


Initially, it is advisable to make a backup and prepare the battery ready.

In the event that the machine must be washed

It depends on checking the condition of the machine from experts at that center.


replacing the iPhone battery

with the center, the condition is

The original battery must be of less than 80% quality.

It is advisable to replace the iPhone battery.

for more convenience

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