The sidewalk at the intersection of Wufu 3rd Road and Yingxiong Road in Kaohsiung was blocked by traffic, and was hit by a tractor vehicle when turning, causing 3 damages.

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[Reporter Xu Lijuan/Kaohsiung Report] At the intersection of Wufu 3rd Road and Yingxiong Road in Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, at 9:00 am today (22nd), a tractor truck drove into a traffic block on the sidewalk, causing three blocks to be broken in a row. Netizens were shocked It's too exaggerated. I thought it was possible to hit the road with such a big road, but I was also glad that it was not a person. The police went to deal with it after receiving the report.

Some witnesses posted on PTT that the car blocks near the National Army Heroes Hall were smashed, and it can be seen that two of them were completely broken, and one was also decapitated. As soon as the pictures and texts came out, other netizens went viral Some people said, "The driver made a wrong judgment and thought he wouldn't hit it, but luckily he didn't hit a person and a car", "The traffic resistance has played a role", "It's a driving problem if you can hit such a rough road, otherwise you can still Who is to blame?" Some people humorously said, "I will flash when I see a big car when the car is blocked", "The senior is naughty", and some netizens reminded "Remember to report 1999 to the Public Works Bureau to claim compensation."

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The police said that after understanding, the 49-year-old Ye Nan was driving a tractor along Wufu 3rd Road to the Yingxiong intersection this morning when he was about to turn right, when the vehicle accidentally collided with a traffic block on the sidewalk.

No one was injured at the scene. The police arrived at the scene to survey and map according to the regulations. The driving alcohol test value was 0. After the case was clarified, the cause was initially judged to be careless driving. The detailed responsibility for the accident is still pending further analysis and judgment by the traffic brigade.

At present, warning signs have been erected at the damaged part of the sidewalk to remind passers-by to pay attention, and the maintenance department has been notified to send personnel to repair it.

The driving alcohol test value of the tractor that caused the accident was 0.

(provided by the public)