Legislator Chen Mingwen handed over Chiayi County's mountainous area legislature seat, hoping to let the young generation open up new situations and inject new thinking into Chiayi.

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[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] In the 2024 general election, there will be a change of generations. Chen Mingwen, the head of the British faction of the Democratic Progressive Party and a legislator, has given up running for re-election. Committee.

Chen Mingwen emphasized today (22nd) that he is currently in a "delayed retirement" state. He will not run for re-election, nor will he fight for non-district legislators. Generations open up new situations and inject new thinking into Chiayi.

Chen Guanting graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in public policy from the University of Tokyo in Japan. He used to be the deputy spokesperson of the Taipei City Government, a part-time lecturer at the Department of Diplomacy and International Relations of Tamkang University, and the executive director of the Taiwan Generations Education Foundation; yesterday in Chiayi Accompanied by County Mayor Weng Zhangliang, Speaker Zhang Mingda and Deputy Speaker Chen Yiyue, registered for the legislative primary election.

However, local public opinion questioned that Chen Mingwen handed over his son to build the "Chen Dynasty".

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Chen Mingwen said at a tea meeting with the media today that when he was elected as the 10th legislator, he had already stated that he would "retire slowly" and not rush to retreat, because politics is not a personal matter, but a matter for the entire team, so arrangements must be made. For example, assisting Chiayi County Mayor Weng Zhangliang to be re-elected, and handing over the Standing Committee of the DPP to Cai Yiyu.

Chen Mingwen recounted in detail that he will step down as a legislator next year and has been in politics for 47 years. He has made many contributions to Chiayi County, such as fighting for major constructions such as the South Campus of the Forbidden City, industrial planning, and science parks; there are two things about Chiayi politics. "Cultivate the younger generation", and the second is "end factions and implement party politics".

In the past, factions were people-centered, talking about feelings, collecting benefits, and being loyal to individuals, but political parties focused on the value line. Many people used to ridicule this. project.

In response to the "Chen Dynasty" questioned by the outside world, Chen Mingwen clarified that the current politics is different from the previous "appointed successor", and it is not "whoever Chen Mingwen designates can be elected", and everyone's consent is required.

In fact, he not only cultivated his own son. For example, Cai Qifang, a former legislator, wanted to run again at that time, so he proposed to hand over the baton to Cai Yiyu, and he also handed over the seat of the Standing Committee of the DPP to Cai; Weng Zhangliang was neither relative nor relative, and he also supported Weng's candidacy for Chiayi county magistrate.

"This time, Chiayi County is for the younger generation to break new ground," said Chen Mingwen. It is hard to find highly educated and good-looking candidates. Just because Chen Guanting is "Chen Mingwen's son" should not negate his ability. His son may have been deeply interested in politics since he was a child. , but he also reminded Chen Guanting that the road of politics is very difficult. You can't be self-centered, you must shrink yourself and enlarge others.

Chen Mingwen said frankly that he has been in politics for 47 years, which is absolutely mixed. It is inevitable to offend people. He has been doing it for too long. He is confident that he can be re-elected again. However, Chen Guanting, who is only 37 years old, has a future.