Xiao Meng said that Li Nan originally wanted to apologize, but Li Nan insisted that he did not touch her, so he filed a lawsuit.

(Photo by reporter Wang Jie)

[Reporter Wang Jie/Tainan Report] The trainer surnamed Li of the chain fitness center was accused of having a relationship with many people and cheating his performance with his feelings.

One of them, Xiaoru (pseudonym), said that during the relationship, he paid 500,000 yuan to Li Nan for his performance. It was not until Li Nan sexually harassed another female member, Xiaomeng (pseudonym), that he was determined to break up and ask for the money back; Said that Li Nan was sexually harassed within 6 hours of knowing him. She posted the process on the PO network, and many victims sent private messages back to "MeToo". She hoped to encourage the victimized women not to be afraid.

The fitness center thought it was the coach's personal behavior and refused to respond. Li Nan denied sexual harassment.

Gym competition pressure is high, and from time to time I hear disputes between coaches and consumers, and some gyms take advantage of "lonely business opportunities" to play the role of beautiful and handsome coaches to attract consumers to buy courses; From time to time, the male would ask her to swipe her credit card to buy courses on the grounds that she needs to improve her performance, which almost used up her savings.

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Xiaomeng said that Li Nan approached her on her social app, and only then did he know that he and Li Nan had a common female friend and were still in the same gym, so he agreed to sing with a group of Li Nan's friends in February. Only 6 hours after going out, Li Nan touched her uncomfortable and gave her a bear hug, saying he wanted to go home with her.

The next day, Xiao Meng went to the gym where Li Nan worked to withdraw her membership, and at the same time asked Li Nan to apologize. Unexpectedly, Li Nan denied touching her. In a fit of anger, she directly called the police at the fitness center, and posted the murder and reporting process on the Internet, attracting 400,000 yuan. The number of people watched, and about 50 people privately messaged her. They were treated rudely by Li Nan, but they dared not sue her.

Later, some people threatened Xiao Meng not to post on the Internet again. She said that many women would feel ashamed to be sexually harassed, but she could not back down even if she was intimidated, because this would be tantamount to appeasing potential sexual harassment offenders. Many people are as guilty as her. The victim, however, has to worry about the intimidation of the perpetrator, making them disrespect women again and again. She also hopes that her behavior can encourage the victim to be brave.

The police pointed out that the whole case is currently being investigated as a sexual harassment case, and it is impossible to explain because the investigation is not public.

Li Nan said that hugging is an expression of friendliness and no sexual harassment. He is unmarried, and the loans between Xiaoru and other women were agreed by both parties. He did not force or threaten the other party to borrow money, and he had repaid the loan to Xiaoru. A defamation suit has been filed against Meng over the allegations.

Xiao Meng said that he had only known Li Nan for 6 hours, and as a result, Li Nan made many touches that made her uncomfortable.

(provided by Xiaomeng)

The coach surnamed Li said that he made the hug because he regarded Xiao Meng as a friend.

(provided by Xiaomeng)