According to the new Procedure for the organization and maintenance of military records of conscripts, conscripts and reservists, which was approved by Resolution of the CMU 1487, the creation of a single register of conscripts, reservists and conscripts is envisaged.

State institutions, including Employment Centers, must transfer data on conscripts to Territorial Recruitment and Social Support Centers (TCC and SP).

The transfer of data on the unemployed is regulated by Article 63 of the Procedure and provides that city, district employment centers and branches of regional employment centers provide information on the registration of persons as unemployed within seven calendar days after receiving a request from the relevant Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support

 Can the unemployed be mobilized?

If unemployed Ukrainians are conscripts, have no grounds for postponement in accordance with Article 23 of the Law on Mobilization Training and Mobilization, they can be mobilized like employed citizens.

As Colonel Roman Horbach, head of the personnel department of the headquarters of the Ground Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said, "all categories and military accounting specialties are being called up for additional staffing of military units."

Unemployed citizens can be mobilized if their specialty corresponds to the required military accounting specialties.

What information does the TCC receive about the unemployed 

Territorial recruitment and social support centers have access to data on conscripts from the Unified Information and Analytical System of the central executive body, which implements state policy in the field of population employment and labor migration.

In accordance with the Procedure for registration, re-registration of the unemployed and keeping records of jobseekers, approved by Resolution No. 792 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated September 19, 2018, the unemployed must provide the following information to register their status:

  • passport information (surname, place of residence, marital status),

  • identification code,

  • education document or duplicate,

  • information from the employment book (places of work, seniority and positions),

  • military registration document.

The migration service must also notify the TCC within two weeks of persons who have acquired Ukrainian citizenship and are subject to military registration.

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