In the second month of leap, it is customary to pass on pig knuckle noodle noodles to parents for blessings and longevity.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)

[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung Report] Have you bought pig feet for your parents?

This year coincides with the double spring leap month year of the Rabbit Year, and from today (22) it enters the leap February once every 19 years, and there are 2 February in the lunar calendar.

According to folklore, people will lose their life expectancy due to the increase in the number of days in leap years. According to traditional customs, a married daughter must buy pig’s knuckle noodles in the leap month to extend the life of her parents.

Literary and historical worker Zhang Qingzong said that according to folklore, it is said that in the leap month, parents should give their parents a gift box of pork knuckle noodles, sooner rather than later, so that children can take this opportunity to show their filial piety.

Zhang Qingzong, a cultural and historical worker in Dajia area, said that there is a leap month every 3 years, and it happens every 19 years in a double leap month. Parents are vegetarians, and their children will instead buy noodles and nutritional supplements for their parents, symbolically increasing longevity.

If the parents do not have a daughter, the son or daughter-in-law will buy pig's knuckle noodles to express their filial piety.

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For the convenience and encouragement of filial piety, the Daan District Farmers Association team in Taichung City launched the gift box of increasing blessings and longevity, reminding children to take the opportunity to return home to visit their parents and show a little filial piety.

Cai Jianzong, director-general of the Daan District Farmers Association, said that the Daan District Farmers Association thoughtfully prepared a birthday gift box for their daughters with pig’s knuckle noodles. Filial piety.