Fees VS Royalties Where is the value of SEA Games?

At first I thought that the drama of the 32nd SEA Games, which Cambodia will host for the first time in history.

This May, there will be only Kun Khmer who makes the social media world sweltering.

Beyond the boundaries of sports!!!

It turned out that now there is an issue of live broadcasting rights in Cambodia, think Thai without being inconsiderate, 16 types of sports, plus the opening and closing ceremony of $ 800,000, or about 28 million baht, missing additional ones.

making it hot to sports fans across the country

There is a common opinion. This is expensive. If you don't look, you won't die!!!

How did this come about?

have to go back a little

Normally, the live broadcast of the SEA Games, the host nation, will be charged in the form of a small fee as an operating fee.

not to enter the meat

in signal production

in a shared way

help each other more

Sorting from the 2017 SEA Games in Malaysia, the host has collected a fee for each nation of only $ 5,000, or about 1.75 hundred thousand baht, then the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines and the 2021 SEA Games competing in 2022 in Vietnam have been adjusted. It's 10,000 US dollars or about 3.5 hundred thousand baht.

Prof. Charoen Wattanasin, one of the SEA Games Councillors in Thailand, admitted that the SEA Games Councilor had never acknowledged the idea of ​​the Cambodian host.

In the matter of collecting royalties for live broadcasts before

It may be that

One regulation in the SEA Games Statute states that all broadcast revenues

will belong to the host country

thus giving birth to this idea

True, this is a matter of hosts.

But I think that the number is too high!!!

While Wat Chamroen, Secretary General of the SEA Games Organizing Committee of Cambodia

Subsequently clarified that Cambodia never demanded the price for the rights to broadcast this SEA Games.

previously reported incorrectly

because the negotiations between the organization of the organizing department and Thailand are still ongoing

“We are not involved in fee negotiations.

Because we leave it to our agency.

final fee

Will be as agreed by both parties and Cambodia has not yet made a decision on this matter.

We are not forcing anyone to pay royalties,” said Wat Chamroen.

Investigating the story back and forth, it means that the competition organizer of the host Cambodia has given the agency to coordinate royalties with other nations.

By charging market prices According to interest According to the size of the audience base, which Thailand is the largest market in the region, therefore ejected the abacus at such a price

Most recently, the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), which is in charge of the T Sport channel, has received the right to broadcast in the country.

from the Olympic Committee of Thailand

Negotiating directly with the host

Along with informing that

The price quoted by the agency was unacceptable.

while Chaiyaphak Siriwat, vice chairman of the Olympic Committee of Thailand and CEO of the SEA Games Federation

Revealed on March 21, 2023 that the organizer of the competition of the host and the Thai side will make an appointment to negotiate to a conclusion on April 5, 2023, where the agency

which the department was established

come from malaysia

will not be involved in any way

It's a direct conversation, whether to buy or not to buy.

In the case of buying a number, how much will it end?

will go according to the flow

Expected to be at $ 2 hundred thousand or about 7 million baht or not.

We will have to continue to see how it will be in the end.

By the way, Dr. Kongsak Yodmanee, Governor of SAT, clearly stated earlier that

if the price is so high

would be difficult

Currently negotiating a new price.

mainly based on the original price

maybe a little higher

According to the time factor, the value of money is enough to accept.

for this happened

Seeing it as a leap too fast would not be wrong.

Of course, the rights to broadcast live sports.

This time is all over the world.

It's expensive, according to the value of each sport, each game. There is nothing wrong with having, but in the SEA Games, it should be done gradually.

The price is not too expensive.

To be enough to count with the expenses of the host, not to lose, to have a small profit, considered usable and acceptable.

But here, I must admit

There is still a difference between the word fees and royalties!!!

If you look at it in words, the fee is a matter of charging different operations, while the royalties are the value of each sport, each game, as mentioned above.

In this SEA Games, there is an attempt to surpass

the word fee

who previously only looked at helping each other

Let's watch live broadcasts in the ASEAN region.

to the word sports copyright

which is a higher monetary

But when looking back at the value of SEA Games in the past and how it is now?

So there's a follow-up question:

It's time to think about royalties.

or high licensing prices

Go against the value of the game.

completely or not

In fact, sports fans in this region

I'm only interested in a few sports, including football, volleyball, sepak takraw as the main ones.

In conclusion, you can do it

will be adjusted from the fee

to become a royalty fee still allowable, but in the initial stage

should not be too expensive

Bring it to the consistency of the meat.

Is it better?

Because looking at the cost, it's not that much.

But come back to think that the selling price is too expensive

Looking beyond helping each other

in the ASEAN region

The problem continues to bloom like this...

roaring sky