Father Thep Yan did not flee to Laos.

Revealing now that I'm stressed out

There are more than 2 million in debt. The spring roll business is not good.

Pets do not have money to buy food, begin to lose weight.

Decided to give away cows, buffaloes, dogs, cats. Anyone who wants them can adopt them.

From the case of an online news page, a message was posted stating, "Bearing his face to ask Mum Jokmok to pay debts instead of Pa Thep's house after paying hundreds of thousands of months until he went bankrupt.

reveal the true story, prepare to flee and move to Laos"

The progress of this story On March 22, 2023, the reporter traveled to Rai Pa Thep, Khao Khlung Subdistrict, Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi Province to inquire about the truth with Mr. Suthep Pho-ngam or Pa Thep, a famous senior comedian.

about the story that happened

However, during the reporter's talk with Pa Thep

notice that

Pa Thep had a serious expression on his face.

And the look in his eyes was very high. 

Mr. Suthep Pho-ngam revealed that for the news that has been shared now

It is old news about 4 years ago, in which he admitted that he had actually traveled to Laos.

from the persuasion of Thai friends who do business there

to find new ways to make a living

but when he had gone in and looked

considered to be inappropriate for them

It looks like a twilight zone.

In addition, he loves to live in Thailand.

At present, he is still running a business selling spring rolls in Ratchaburi Province, not going anywhere.

Pa Thep opens his mind that at this time he is facing debt problems in the part of the house.

and from collecting income tax on actors

which the revenue has collected retrospectively, totaling more than 2 million baht, together with the income from the pastry business currently doing is not good

At the same time, part of the income

have to take care of the family

Whether it's water bills, electricity bills, and living expenses.

And the other part has to be fed to a large number of cows, buffaloes, dogs and cats.

Which each day has to spend more than 3,000 baht to buy animal feed.

“At this moment, I can't bear this part of my burden.

The pet that was there was so emaciated that it was miserable.

personal and family

I still don't know when the house will be foreclosed on.

As for future plans, this time is not yet available.

accept that there are eight sides of darkness

but did not want to disturb anyone's loan debt

Because everyone is difficult, ”said the former senior actor.

Father Thep also said that Mam Jokmok had helped him a lot.

If anyone is interested in raising these cows and buffaloes.

I'm willing to give it for free.

In the case of dogs and cats

would like to deposit through the media to the foundation or various units that if any agency has power

Please come and help these dogs and cats as well.

I feel sorry for them

For those who are interested in adopting cows, buffaloes, dogs and cats, you can contact Rai Pa Thep, Khao Khlung Subdistrict, Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi Province.