Staff from the Yilan County Health Bureau went to the store to check, and there was no sale of e-cigarettes.

(Provided by Yilan County Health Bureau)

[Reporter Cai Yunrong/Yilan Report] The new "Tobacco Hazard Prevention Law" officially came into effect on the 22nd. The Yilan County Health Bureau today inspected 5 stores that had sold e-cigarette-related products, and found no sales of e-cigarette-related products. .

The new system of the "Smoke Hazard Prevention Law" mainly focuses on prohibiting tobacco-like products including e-cigarettes. Designated tobacco products such as heating tobacco must be reviewed and approved by health risk assessment before they can be manufactured, imported, sold, and used. A fine of 50 million yuan was imposed.

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Xu Naiwei, director of the Yilan County Health Bureau, will investigate and arrest illegal products and illegal activities in accordance with the law. The investigation and punishment will be strengthened for its business or sales behavior, advertising methods, etc.

Xu Naiwei appealed to the public not to use, not buy, or recommend illegal products. If you find any violations of the Tobacco Hazard Prevention Act, you can attach specific evidence and call the Tobacco Hazard Consultation and Reporting Hotline of the Health Bureau of Yilan County Government (03-9314173 ) to be reported.